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To All the Blogs I've Loved Before

So now that I've officially dumped Vox for this blog, I think it's time to take a little stroll down memory lane and talk a little about my very first blog.

Over the years I've had a handful of blogs that I've kept up with for a post or five until I got lazy or bored with them and eventually let them wither and die. But it wasn't that way with my first. You know how it can be with your first, it's all so new and exciting. It's so easy to get attached, to get drawn in to a whole world you never knew existed.

It all started back in 2001, (that's right, I was a fucking Web2.0 pioneer[not really{ooh! curly brackets!}]) when I started posting on a site called Open Diary. It was actually called "Free Open Diary" at the time, I don't know if the site's even still around [just checked, it is] but it was one of the very first blogging websites ever, predating LiveJournal and BlogSpot by like a year.

Basically it was to me then what YouTube is to me now. It was a definite online community, and it's worth noting that it was set up a bit differently than the way we think of "blogs" today. In fact, it was set up a lot like YouTube. You had a home page thing, not unlike a YouTube channel page, which linked to all your individual posts which had their own pages with comments at the bottom. The setup was very conducive to interactivity, again like YouTube, and I ended up getting to know a few people on the site.

I posted there for about a year, mostly randomness and rants bitching about life in the Army and, if you can believe it, even some really terrible poetry. No, you can't see it. Just believe me when I say that it was truly awful and amateurish but hey, everybody's allowed to go through a phase where they think they can write poetry, right?


Anyway, in 2002 I got stationed in Korea, and getting online became kind of a pain in the ass for a while. I ended up getting out of the habit of posting, and eventually stopped logging in altogether. Unfortunately, because I didn't log in for an extended period, my account was eventually deleted, and about 99% of everything I wrote on there was lost, minus a couple things I actually saved to my computer. It sucks, because I think it would be pretty cool to be able to go back and see what I was thinking about stuff back then. Ah well, que sera sera.

Rest in peace, my first blog. You are missed.

p.s. This was back before I was going by "Pablo Kickasso", so to anyone who was on FOD back in '01-'02 and remembers a guy called "thejapaneseone", yeah, that was me.

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Molly said...

[dies of joy] now i can link to you properly!!

Kimberl(eigh)y said...

I like reading about internet of yesteryear!

welcome to the corporate whore of google.