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New Layout, Anyone?

Hey, anybody out there still reading this thing?

What do you think of the redesign? It's all about simplicity, baby. There was just too much stuff going on. I like this theme, very zen.

I'm going to try get back to posting on here from time to time. Not with the news article things (more on that another time) but as an honest to god blog.

Anyway . . .

Mucho red. You likey?

4 offerings of praise:

JJC1138 said...

Like it. I was trying to design a Blogger blog the other day, but mine looks like ass. Maybe I'll just forget what your blog looks like and then subconsciously copy it later like I did with that YouTube video.

paperlilies said...

ellll I like it but then again, I won't ever see it because I just use google reader to read everything.
Uh oh, the word verification is 'forbodo'....

Tavin said...

same opibion as madam lilies, but it's great to hear something of you again.

DentonUSA said...

I dig the new layout. Now start posting stuff, dammit!!