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On The Five Facts Vlog Tag Chain (Again)

Seriously, this thing is taking over YouTube. I haven't seen anything get this big since MadV's One World write on your hand campaign thing over a year ago.

Inevitably when something gets this big, some people will start having a little fun with it/at its expense. And while my attempt may have turned out more awkward and uncomfortable than anything approaching "funny", some people have really brought their "A" game to this thing. Here are my favorite not-so-serious responses.

TalkNerdyToKim (aka Kimberleigh)
While this is the video that inspired my shark-jumping video of lameness, which will later be pointed to as the beginning of the end of Pablo Kickasso, I still love this video. Watch it.

Another video inspired by Kim's bald-faced lying. The fact that so many people took this seriously reaffirms my lack of faith in humanity.

Joe didn't go the ridiculous made-up fact route, opting to generate hilarity by other means.

WelcomeStranger (aka Sharpy)
I'm telling you, EVERYBODY is doing one of these videos.

"this is such a typical response as backlash to fun group things on youtube.

this guy is so predictable"

- NathanSt

In all seriousness, this may be the funniest guy in the history of YouTube. Tell all your friends. He deserves to have two hundred times as many subscribers as he has.

Ok, so Ben might not technically be making fun of the five facts chain dealie, but he gets points for style and entertainmment value.

Enjoy, fuckers.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a late entry!
I'm proud to say that I personally tagged Mark (although he couldn't be bothered to mention that in the friggin video), and therefore claim full credit for this video. Seriously though, comedy gold. Watch it now, thank me later.

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Nathan said...


I was totally planning on making a blog like this.
fine you win.

I can accept defeat with grace and link this on my blog.

I didn't have as many good videos to post as you so perhaps this is all for the best.

Siany =) said...

Hey :)
Come check out my blog if you have a chance! I'm new to this, and would appreciate some feedback!
I will return comments of course...
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