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So, I'm the YourTubeAdvocate for the months of February and March.

If you don't know what the YTA is, here's a brief rundown: It's a channel started by JustA11en to act as an advocate for the issues of the community, to bring them to YouTube and to try and get them to effect change. The position is temporary (originally a one-month term, later lengthened to two) with each YTA choosing his or her successor. I was tapped by the lovely, talented, and often hat-wearing Beccah (LisaSimpson).

The YourTubeAdvocate channel is also a place where people who think the YouTube partner program is some kind of Illuminati-like conspiracy designed to oppress them use the power of snarky comments to try and make me cry. And believe me, I've spent the better part of the last two days curled up in the fetal position sobbing my eyes out.

*rolls eyes

Anyway, I think the YTA has the potential to change things for the better if enough people support it. The more people the YTA speaks for, the more YouTube has to listen to them. I don't usually ask people to subscribe, favorite, etc. but any promotion you could give the YTA channel would be just peachy.

Here's my first video as advocate:

2 offerings of praise:

Claytonian said...

my request is simple. Quicklist pluses on all videos everywhere! The quicklist is my lifeblood.

Tavin said...

I think you`re doing great as advocate