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A Rockin' 26th B-Day

Here's the breakdown of my musical tastes (as compiled by my last.fm account.)

There goes all my indie rock street cred. (It does go a long way towards explaining the hair, though.) I guess it's official: I love Rock 'n Roll. It's only fitting as the Joan Jett song of that name was the number #1 hit on April 17th 1982, my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday (that's what we in the industry call a segue [no, not a "segway" you dork]) whaddya know, it was on April 17th again this year. What are the odds? That's yesterday, for those of you keeping score. It was a grand occasion marked by a bit of hangover from celebrating the night before (birthdays start at midnight goddamn it), various good wishes from various folks (both via the internets and by cellular telephone), and an awesome prime rib dinner with my lovely

Yes, 4/17 has come and gone once more, leaving pablokickasso417 a little older, a little wiser, and a little more informed about the short term consequences of alcohol abuse.

2 offerings of praise:

Randi said...

You're a segway. I love Will Arnett.

Kiwi said...

And I so totally missed it. Bad stalker, me. Pffff. Happy belated birthday once again^^