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Supreme Court Justice Announces Monkey Video Game

It was inevitable, really. Sandra Day O'Connor's life story and accomplishments, including graduating at the top of her class at Stanford Law, being elected to the Arizona State Senate and, oh yeah, becoming the first female Supreme Court Justice, impressive as they may be, have clearly been leading to this point. At long last she has reached what many believe to be the pinnacle of her long and storied career, the logical conclusion of her life's work.

That's right, Sandra Day O'Connor has finally become a video game developer.

The 78 year old has announced that she is involved in the development of the project "Our Courts", an online video game designed to teach young people about the judicial system.

At an age when most would be concerning themselves with budgeting their pensions to afford name-brand denture cream and adult diapers, O'Connor is more worried by ignorance about our system of justice among today's youth. Naturally there could be only one solution to such an issue. That solution? A video game featuring a 3-D animated monkey.

"It will allow students to engage in real legal issues," said O'Connor, as if anyone could doubt the seriousness of this project. After all, the monkey is right there on the home page.


One can only assume the limb the monkey is swinging from is the Judicial Branch.

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