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Tonight Casa De Kickasso will play host once again to the party event of the year: Birthdaypalooza. To mark this auspicious occasion I thought I would share with you a promo video I made for last years' event:

The remainder of this blog post will deal with some Birthdaypalooza-related frequently asked questions, which I have just made up.


Q. What is Birthdaypalooza?

A. Birthdaypalooza is a mystical celebration of the birth of several awesome people, including Pablo Kickasso, who were born in April. It has been observed every year at the traditional "7th St. House" location since 2005.

Q. Can I come?
A. No. If you were cool enough, you would have already received an invitation through the proper channels.

Q. Why did you make a promotional video for some party at your house?
A. It was to put on the MySpace event e-vite page, to educate, to entertain and to make the future of humanity just a little bit brighter. Plus I was bored.

Q. Have you made videos for any other parties you've had?
A. Yes.

Q. Why didn't you make a video for this year's Birthdaypalooza?
A. I was busy. I didn't feel like it. Fuck you. Mind your own business.

Q. Jeez, settle down. Why so defensive?
A. I think that's about enough questions, you lousy, nosy, no-good son of a bitch. Question time over. You ruined it for everyone. I hope you're happy.

1 offerings of praise:

DaleATL2 said...

Ah, we share a birthday, good sir.

And for that simple fact, you are now COOLER than you once were. So take this new coolness and use it at your discretion. And consider it your birthday gift from me.